Blue Light Lobby: The New Game Store Rexburg Needed

In the past, you could only buy games at a game store. Now, gaming has exploded into the culture, on everything from updated consoles to smart phones. This has made gaming more isolated, so now, there is a need for social gaming centers. 


As of Monday, there’s a new game store Rexburg offers! Blue Light Lobby is a gaming center offering a new take on gaming. Our store serves as a hangout location with multiple types of gameplay options including board games, PC gaming, console gaming, tabletop games, and VR. We even have a PS5, and we include the games for all of our equipment!

A Social Space

In addition to the gaming, Blue Light Lobby will be a place for larger groups to gather. Rexburg isn’t up-to-date for social spaces, and the lounge alone can serve as an option for groups of up to 12 people. So if you are trying to escape your apartment, do something with the roommates, need an FHE location, or are looking for a space for the whole family to enjoy, we have you covered.

Blue Light Lobby lets you experience your hangout, any type of nerd culture, and opportunities to participate in competitive play with weekly and monthly game tournaments. The store is open six days a week so you’ll always have the chance to relax and unwind playing a variety of games or just hanging out with friends.

Rental Rates and Memberships

Tickets and hourly rentals for equipment or events are affordably priced while providing the best hardware and games available. That’s right, all games are included in the rentals. Blue Light Lobby also offers a monthly membership pass for major discounts on events and on rentals. Store Members may also be invited to exclusive events, so it’s well worth the cost! The store hours are usually from noon to midnight (as some events and activities may have modified hours) so check out our website and social media pages for all updates. 

Games and Events Offered

We are excited to finally be opening the Blue Light Lobby, and we really feel like it is the game store Rexburg needed. There are other game stores in town where you can buy board games or merch, but what we are offering is different. Rather than focusing on sales, we offer the social aspect of gaming with the benefits of multi-use spaces, gaming-quality PCs with free-to-use games, low ping and great bandwidth for the best experience. This place was built by gamers for gamers!

We have all kinds of games, from League of Legends, Valorant, and Apex Legends, to over 30 other titles available through our commercial partnership with Valve. We wanted to provide as many of our favorite game titles as possible. On our computers, you can also sign in and play via Steam, Origin, Epic, and Blizzard Launchers. Our 10 high-end gaming computers have 3000 series graphics cards, and our consoles include a mix of the latest systems from major brands like Oculus and PlayStation. You are also always welcome bring your own to use!

Come on In!

We are committed to providing a cutting-edge gaming experience with a rapid upgrade cycle and an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. For gaming Rexburg offers, for an open board game area, for a new D&D Rexburg location, or just for a small getaway, we hope you’ll come to check us out! 

The Blue Light Lobby is now open with an opening week party on Friday, October 29.

For this and all our events, or if you are bringing a big group, you can reserve ahead online. You’re welcome to come on in any time, Monday through Saturday, noon to midnight. 

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