PS5s are Scarce? Come Play Our PS5!

At Blue Light Lobby, we have all kinds of equipment for you to use. With everything from top-of-the-line PCs to VR headsets – with the newest release November 2021 coming soon – we have what you want to play. Now, at the end of our opening week of events, we have a new PS5 – with downloaded games included – ready for you to use.

What Does It Cost?

Surprisingly, unlike buying your own PS5, using our equipment won’t cost your wallet and your soul – it’s only $10 for an hour of playtime. And that’s without having to purchase the console, the games, or the place to play! You can also sign in to your account on our PS5 to use your own games either to keep your own progress or on the off chance we don’t have them.

What Makes This the Best Option?

Having your own PS5 right now is a bit of a hit-or-miss. Between the expenses and the current shortages, if you don’t already have one, you’ll be on a waiting list to give your wallet away on restock, then on the waiting list for your wallet to recharge to buy the games. Spending $500, enough for the console alone, is worth 50 hours of gameplay (over 90 hours gameplay with a membership) at Blue Light Lobby. Even without buying the games.

What Are the Current Wait Times?

For Blue Light Lobby, there isn’t a wait time. This could change soon, so either come on in to check it out or reserve a time slot to guarantee the availability, any time from noon to midnight.

Buying a PS5 has been described more like a raffle than of a purchase, and we’re inclined to agree simply for the madness of trying to find the times and locations to order from. For retailers, particularly GameStop, BestBuy, Target, Walmart, and Amazon, it looks like the next available times will be over the next two weeks with little specifically confirmed. Some might wait until Black Friday, four weeks away.

Previously, PS5s have been selling out in minutes, so even finding a location that will restock isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be able to get one! A lot of restocks are only available in certain areas or at certain times. An individual named Matt Swider has been tracking PS5 restocks, including one for several GameStop locations on October 29 (unfortunately, the closest one for restock is about 700 miles away). Whatever you’re planning, be safe about your payment information and who you give it to as well as where you go to find a PS5.

Why Are There Wait Times?

The PS5 has been out for months, so it makes sense for the console to be more purchasable now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Between all the increased gaming we’ve been doing over the past two years and the marketing tactics that corporations start with, there are some hold-ups on production.

Increase in Gaming

In 2020, with the stay-at-home extravaganza that was the most recent plague, at-home gaming, and therefore console sales, reached an all-time high. Because of this, consoles have been in higher demand and have been selling through backstock.

Initial Draw-Out

Somewhat unsurprisingly, there wasn’t that much backstock to pull from. As we’ve seen with previous releases, even from other companies like Nintendo, new tech is released a little at a time to keep prices up and to make sure there’s a steady stream of purchases. Because Sony was drawing out the sales initially, they weren’t able to get enough consoles stocked before shortages started.

Semiconductor Shortage

Semiconductors used to be specific to gaming equipment and computers, but now they’re in every type of smart electronics from smart fridges to car GPSs. Although the demand has steadily been increasing for years, most U.S. plants outsourced to other locations years ago making government measures and travel issues a real problem. The shortage of semiconductors really started last year as everything culminated: when COVID-19 concerns shut down production while increasing demand.

Come Play Our PS5!

Despite the difficulties in getting your hands on a PS5 of your very own, you can still participate in the gameplay! As the main Rexburg gaming stop, our location is open for everyone at anytime from noon to midnight with it all – free PS5 games included. To avoid breaking the bank, and maybe put a little less strain on the shortages, we’re here for you to experience top quality gaming at a fraction of what top quality costs.

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