Streaming Initiative

Blue Light Lobby will be starting our long talked about streaming initiative.

Social Streaming

We want to create content focused around group interaction. Expect there to be more than one person streaming at a time with emphasis on streaming together.

Co-op Gameplay

Most games we will want streamed will be multiplayer or co op games, especially ones that reward teamwork or promote interaction between players.

On-Site Streaming

In an effort to ensure quality content, we will require all streamers we work with to stream from our location. We already have the internet connection and hardware. 

Streamer Registration

We are looking for streamers to join our gaming channel. We will meet up to create social gaming content to be streamed live as well as posted on platforms such as YouTube.

             Address : 23 S 1st East, Rexburg, ID 83440
8-10 am
10-12 pm
12-2 pm
2-4 pm
4-6 pm
6-8 pm
8-10 pm
10-12 am
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